Vhi Healthcare Sponsorships

Vhi Healthcare is delighted to sponsor the Chartered Accountants Annual Conference Thursday 10th and Friday 11th May 2012. 

Declan Moran Chief Executive Vhi Healthcare is a speaker at the conference and he will be addressing:

Meeting Ireland’s Funding Healthcare Challenge:

Ireland faces very significant challenges in how to fund its populations healthcare needs over the next 10 years. While our population did not significantly age over the past 20 years, this is now set to change dramatically. The number of adults with chronic diseases will increase significantly in the years ahead, particularly in the areas of chronic heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Quite simply people will live far longer with more chronic disease and this will result in a significant increase in demand for hospital services, long- term care services, and care within a community setting.  For health insurers such as Vhi Healthcare this will mean the delivery of significantly more care in critical areas such as cancer, cardiac and orthopaedic care and in managing chronic conditions in the years ahead. Funding this additional healthcare expenditure will represent a real challenge for Irish Society.

The presentation looks at the:

  • Demographic Funding Issues
  • The continued rise of Chronic Conditions and the Impact on healthcare expenditure
  • Funding Models and how they might work

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